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Inbound Call Centre Services

  • Qualified Australian operator staff available 24 hours-a-day, 7 days a week
  • Small-to-medium (0 – 10 staff) programs specialization
  • You have access to a complete sales and service team, whenever you need it

High quality Receptionist services are at the heart of our business

Callrite provides Receptionist-level services for single offices through to multi-state locations, providing Personalised Live Answering 24 x 7 and ensure your office’s professional image is maintained at all times:

  • professionally trained, well-spoken staff
  • instant messaging by SMS & email
  • intelligent call transfers when appropriate
  • diary management, and
  • customer support.

Virtual Front Office service

Callrite delivers quality front office and switchboard services to ensure your customers are reassured that you are reliable and professional enough to serve their custom.

Advanced 7 x 24 Sales & Customer Service

Callrite also directly represents leading corporations and government departments in delivering complex customer services directly to their customers and the community in areas as complex, contentious and diverse as: national road rules, industrial relations changes, electrical and fire safety, finance applications, community alcohol restrictions advice, donating blood donations, software technical support, student course selection, mobile phone sales, creditor complaint management and much more.

  • Get the phones answered quickly
  • Advertise in any media and catch all of your calls
  • Seamlessly divert calls to Callrite out-of-hours or to cover for staff shortages
  • Turn on extra capacity — and turn it off — as you need it
  • Deliver selling and customer services 7 x 24…don’t let staff or capacity problems stop you

Advertising Response & Sales-Ordering lines

There is nothing worse than spending your hard earned and well invested money to generate customer enquiries only for the sales call to be not picked up, office closed, an answer phone or an engaged line. We will ensure this does not happen to your business.

 Help Desk Lines

It is common knowledge that the cost of new sales is nearly 8 times more expensive than keep existing customers. Callrite can you keep your existing customers happy, and service them cost effectively in a fashion that gives you more time and money to focus on winning more new customers.

24 Hour Cover and Call Out Service

Callrite specialises in helping businesses refine their call handling capabilities by acting as a seamless outsourced call centre to resolve many business issues by providing 24 hour switchboard cover and call out services.

Outbound Call Centre Services

Telephone surveys & market research

Researchers require consistent, high quality, cost effective fieldwork, delivered by a team of experienced professionals that add value to your projects.

 Callrite provides the perfect combination of Australian-based staff, powerful scripting, skilled staff and CATI technology.

 Callrite provides CATI market research services to a broad range of respected research organisations and government, higher education and corporate clients. We can conduct programs from 100 through to tens of thousands of surveys.

 Other Outbound

Callrite provides its clients with a wide range of follow-up contact services, but not cold-call sales.


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